Anything and Everything you need to know about our photo booth & green screen rentals!

What is required to book a photo booth or green screen rental?  

Depending on the package you proceed with, a deposit or full payment is required at the time of booking, along with an electronic rental agreement that can be signed from any smart phone, tablet or PC.  If you are purchasing a third party or alternative promotion, the payment will be for the package in full. Any upgrade options are due 30 days within your event date.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Please note that a credit card processing fee will be applied to your total not exceeding 4% of the transaction total. NO CHECKS OF ANY KIND ARE ACCEPTED.

   3. I’m not sure what Set Up Style I should pick? 

This is mostly a personal preference, as it does not change the functionality of the photo booth experience. We offer the following set up styles for your photo booth experience:

Enclosed Booth: Traditional Photo Booth Set Up where the kiosk is set up inside our pipe and drape enclosure. Average group size: 6-8 Adults.

Studio Booth:  Comparable to a step and repeat, guests pose in front of a black or white backdrop in an open set up style while using the photo booth. Average Group Size: 8-10

Open-Air: Just like the Studio Booth sans the backdrop. Great for parks, outdoor events or against exposed brick, stainless steel for indoor events.  Average Group Size: 10-12

4.       What is your Late Fee or Cancellation Policy?

Events must be cancelled prior to the 60 day deadline for Peak Season Events and 30 day deadline for Non-Peak Season Events. If you are within this window of time, the deposit will be refunded sans the $250 booking fee. This fee is to compensate for any missed opportunity we may have experienced.

5. What is considered Peak Season?

Peak Season includes any event dates taking place from May 1st – September 30th and again from Thanksgiving Day till New Years Day. Our busiest season is inevitably graduation season, summer wedding season, and Corporate Holiday season. Please keep this in mind when considering booking a booth as we typically fill up 2 months in advance.

6. Down Time, Booth Malfunction, Printing Errors etc.

In the unlikely scenario that your booth malfunctions during your event, we allow 20 minutes of booth maintenance that is included in your rental time. No refunds will be provided for the booth “being down” during this time. Often, it’s a quick fix such as adjusting lighting, restocking media etc. but if the problem proves to be more serious, we have 2 back up booths available that can quickly be switched out for the booth that stopped working.  Please see our refund policy for more information.

7. So what is your Refund Policy?

Failure to Print – If the printer fails to print,the booth is still capable of capturing photos and saving them to the hard drive of the computer. If the printer fails to print on site, SOCO Studios will supply clients with a means to view photos after the event, plus copies of the prints themselves that will be mailed directly to the client following the event. Clients may be eligible for a  $150 Printer Refund depending on the length of time the printer was down for.

Booth Malfunction or Unforeseen Circumstances – We have partnered with other local photo booth  if an unforeseen circumstance occurs that prevents us from operating your rental. However,  If SOCO Studios can not execute the actions of the contract for any reason, a partial or full refund will be available to the client, sans the deposit.

8. What is included with your rentals?

  • Choice of Enclosed, Studio or Open-Air Booth based on availability
  • Black or White Backdrop included with Studio Booth
  • Online Gallery to view images following the event
  • Prop Box – A variety of props including glasses, chalkboard signs, hats etc. You are more than welcome to provide additional props, but please provide a separate container the day of the event. SOCO Studios is not responsible for the damage or delivery of prop items provided to the client.
  • Photo Preview – Each photo captured will display a quick preview to see how it will appear on the photo strip itself.
  • Photo Strip Logo – A Basic photo strip logo will be tailored to the color scheme along with whatever content you’d like included on the strips.
  • Attendant – Will arrive 1 hour prior to your start time to complete set up, tear down & to ensure the booth is operating properly through out the duration of the rental.

9. What do we need from you or the venue the day of the event?

Prior to your event, we require an event questionnaire to be filled out in completion. This will solidify the timeline and rental details for your event to ensure the attendant has all the information necessary to operate the booth. If the signature section is not filled out, the client will be subject to rescheduling, additional fees etc.

Our Booths are adjustable in size so we ask for a 7×7-10×10 space for set up space.

20 ft. from a power source (standard outlet is fine).

A 6ft. table & Chair to set up the props, printing station or scrapbook area.

FOR OUTDOOR EVENTS: Please make sure that if the event is outside that the area we are set up is on a hard surface (concrete, flooring, deck etc). Due to the electronic equipment that we use to operate the booth, we do not allow booths to be set up on grass or any area within 50 ft. of water. We do this for your safety! If you are uncertain if your space will meet our requirements, call us! We’re happy to discuss our set up options and can typically assist in finding the best set up area for your event.

10. My event is not in Columbus. Can we still use your services?

Absolutely! We provide rentals for events all over the state of Ohio. Our travel radius is any location within a 20 mile radius of zip code 43081 (Worthington), which is where our home office is located. Any events outside of the travel radius will be subject to travel fees. Travel fees are typically a flat rate fee of $75, unless your event is further than 60 miles at which additional fees may apply. This is to compensate the attendant for their time and gas mileage!

          ADDITIONAL TIME, FEES etc.

Holiday Fee – Ranges from $100-$250 depending on the holiday, the availability of our booths and the type of event.

Idle Time Fees: Idle time refers to the booth being set up, but not operational. This is a flat rate fee of $75 per hour.

Additional Time – If you add additional time prior to your event date, the fee is $100 per hour. If you decide to add more time the day of the event, the charge is $150 for insufficient notice.

Early Arrival Option -In an effort to assist our clients  on eliminating multiple hours of idle time fees, an early arrival set up option is available. This is a flat rate fee and is ideal for weddings etc. where the booth should be set up prior to the event start time, typically ranging 3-4 hours prior to the scheduled start time of the booth rental. This flat rate fee is $175.